Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits under N.D.C.C. ch. 32-40.2

The State of North Dakota has implemented a procedure for industry to conduct self-audits of operations to assess environmental compliance.  The audits are voluntary, internal, and comprehensive evaluations that are intended to prevent noncompliance with environmental laws, rules, or permits enforced under chapters 23.1-04 (Hazardous Waste), 23.1-06 (Air Pollution), 23.1-08 (Solid Waste), 38-08 (Gas & Oil Resources), or 61-28 (Surface Water Pollution).  Environmental audits may be conducted by an owner, operator, or prospective owner or operator. Environmental audits are expected to provide benefits to industry, regulators, the public, and the environment in North Dakota.

An Environmental Audit may be conducted at any time. However, to gain protection against enforcement, the process described in N.D.C.C. ch. 32-40.2 and summarized in the NDDEQ Environmental Audit Policy (pdf) must be followed. This Audit Summary Form (Excel) should be used to comply with Section 5.3 of the NDDEQ Environmental Audit Policy.

Note that all audit documents and correspondence must be submitted in writing to: deq-legal@nd.gov.  This email address should be added to the company’s address book as all communication will be through this email and may contain time-sensitive information.