Compliance and Enforcement

To protect the health and environment of North Dakota and its citizens the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality has been authorized to inspect, investigate, and take action against those who violate state air quality rules. The Division takes a proactive approach with its minor and major source permitting program and uses its compliance and enforcement authority to ensure that rules and regulations are followed and that those who violate the rules are held accountable.

The compliance program includes routine inspections, records checks, reporting, and testing; and uses these to verify and ensure compliance with rules.

Should a violation be found the Department has several tools it can use to work towards correcting a non-compliance by assessing fines or pursuing criminal persecution. The Department works in conjunction with the State's Attorney's Office.

Each facility is assigned a DoAQ staff member for handling compliance questions and reporting review. In CERIS-ND under the Site>Details you should see the permit and compliance contacts for your site.

Last Updated: 12/07/2020