Services Provided

Laboratory Analysis

The Laboratory Services Division offers analytical testing services to determine the chemical quality of water. The following is a sampling of the kinds of tests offered.

Test Parameters Container
Partial Mineral Chemistry Bicarbonate
Nitrate + Nitrite
Percent Sodium
Sodium Absorption Ratio
Total Alkalinity
Total Dissolved Solids
Total Hardness
One liter plastic or glass
Complete Mineral Chemistry All parameters in the
Partial Mineral Chemistry plus:

One liter plastic or glass
Pb & Cu Lead and Copper One liter plastic
Fluoride only Fluoride One pint plastic or glass

Please note: The partial and complete mineral analyses require a sample of at least one liter in a clean plastic or glass container. Do not use a plastic container which has held substances such as bleach, soap or vinegar as the sample could potentially become contaminated. A plastic distilled water container is best. Do not use a metal container or a container with a metal lid.

The mineral analysis will identify dissolved minerals in the water supply. Some of the constituents may pose a health risk while others affect the suitability for washing or other household uses. Mineral constituents will generally be reported as mg/L which is essentially equivalent to parts per million.

Special or unusual requests can possibly be handled and will have a varying price range. Please call for details [701-328-6140] or send email to Jim Quarnstrom.

Laboratory Certification

Laboratories that analyze water samples from North Dakota public water systems to determine compliance with requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act must be certified by the North Dakota Department of Health. Laboratories that provide certain other environmental data for use by the Department must have valid certification. Please refer to the laboratory certification guideline document for more information.

How to submit a sample

When submitting samples: Please include your name, address and telephone number. Also include the date the sample was collected and the following demographic information if it is available: The source of the sample (well, stock pond, tap water, etc.) and its use. If it is from a well, please include the county, township, range and section data. Be sure to include the type of analysis requested. Mail the samples to the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, PO Box 5573, Bismarck, ND 58506 or physically drop off samples at 2635 E Main Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501. These analyses generally take approximately two weeks to complete with results mailed out but on occasion may take longer due to heavy sample load and/or program priority.

If you have any questions please call 701-328-6140.