Completed TMDLs and ARPs

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Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Beaver Creek and tributaries - Logan, McIntosh, and Emmons Counties (Fecal Coliform, 2010)

Braddock Dam - Emmons County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2012)

Brush Lake - McLean County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2012)

Cannonball River - Grant, Sioux, and Morton Counties (Fecal Coliform and E. coli, 2009)

Cannonball River - Grant County (Fecal Coliform, 2005)

Cannonball River - Grant County (E. coli, 2013)

Cannonball River and Dead Horse Creek – Slope and Hettinger Counties (E. coli, 2013)

Cedar Creek - Adams County (Fecal Coliform, 2009)

Cedar Creek - Bowman and Slope Counties (Fecal Coliform, 2009)

Cedar Creek and Crooked Creek - Grant and Sioux Counties (Fecal Coliform, 2008)

Crooked Lake - McLean County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2012)

Crown Butte Dam - Morton County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2008)

Danzig Dam - Oliver and Morton Counties (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2017)

Heart River and Patterson Lake - Stark County (Nutrient and Sediment, 2002)

Indian Creek Dam - Hettinger County (Nutrient, Sediment, and Dissolved Oxygen, 2006)

Knife River - Dunn and Mercer Counties (E. coli, 2017)

Knife River and tributaries - Mercer County (Fecal Coliform, 2010)

Long Lake Creek - Emmons and Burleigh Counties (E. coli, 2019)

Lake Hoskins - McIntosh County (Nurtient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2006)

McDowell Dam - Burleigh County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2007)

Mirror Lake - Adams County (Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen, 2008)

Sheep Creek Dam - Grant County (Nutrient, 2007)

Spring Creek - Dunn and Mercer Counties (E. coli, 2011)

Sweet Briar Dam - Morton County (Nutrient, 2008)

Turtle Creek - McLean County (E. coli, 2015)

Water Quality Division Employee Email List (click to expand)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Anderson Carl WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5213
Becker Sarah WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-9151
Brazil Emily WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5296
Delzer Alexis WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5282
Espe Brady WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5228
Gilley Cameron WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5210
Gleich Casey WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-4164
Gross Joe WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5292
Grossman Dallas WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5242
Hanson Lawrence WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5291
Haroldson Marty WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5234
Harrison Kylee WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5187
Hite Nicole WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-1676
Houle Brian WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5193
Hulst Annelise WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1377
Joynt Emily WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5239
Kaiser Don WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5151
Kritzberger Ryan WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-9035
Kruske Montana WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5172
McCauley Jenna WQ Watershed Management
McGee Julia WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1380
Miller Meridith WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5166
Nelson Amber Water Quality Division 701-328-5210
Novak Emilee WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5240
Olson Jaxsyn WQ Watershed Management 701-328-1382
Rockeman Karl Water Quality Division 701-328-5225
Schick McKenzie WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5288
Schiwal Alyssa WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5159
Schuett Patrick WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5235
Stockdill Scott WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5241
Strommen Rachel WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5244
Suess Bill WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5216
Suggs Shannon WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-6409
Waldron Feld Sarah WQ NDPDES Permitting 701-328-5237
Wallery Paige WQ Spill Investigation 701-328-5243
Wax Peter WQ Special Projects 701-328-5268
Wert Joshua WQ Watershed Management 701-328-5214
Wirth Cherreka WQ Watershed Management 701-328-9166
Woutat Tanner WQ Ground Water Monitoring 701-328-5233