Division of Municipal Facilities (DoMF)

The Division of Municipal Facilities protects public health and the environment by ensuring that tap water is safe to drink and that wastewater is properly treated. We monitor tap water for contaminants, approve water and wastewater plans and specifications, train and certify water and wastewater system operators, conduct inspections of facilities, and offer financial help so that systems can upgrade their water and wastewater systems.

David Bruschwein, P.E.

Director, Division of Municipal Facilities

Department of Environmental Quality
Division of Municipal Facilities

4201 Normandy Street
Bismarck, ND 58503-1324

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
P: 701-328-5211
F: 701-328-5200

Environmental Training Center
2639 East Main Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

H: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
P: 701-328-6628
F: 701-328-6206

Division of Municipal Facilities Employee Email List (click to expand)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Program Phone
Allery Ryan rjallery@nd.gov MF Clean Water SRF 701-328-5294
Andes Alicia aandes@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5298
Bruschwein David dbruschw@nd.gov Municipal Facilities Division 701-328-5259
Carman Patty pcarman@nd.gov Municipal Facilities Division 701-328-5251
Christianson David David.Christianson@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5178
Fisher Shannon smfisher@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5220
Friesz Roxela rFriesz@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5297
Griffith Olivia ogriffith@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-6624
Heinle Shawn swheinle@nd.gov MF Operator Training & Inspection 701-328-6627
Herreid Stacey sherreid@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5287
Lee Laura llee@nd.gov Municipal Facilities Division 701-328-6628
Letzring Brianna bletzring@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-9095
Martin Shawn srMartin@nd.gov MF Clean Water SRF 701-328-5212
Murray Mitch mjMurray@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5250
Papalichev Hristo hpapalichev@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5223
Peltier Danielle dspeltier@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5279
Peters Bryce bpeters@nd.gov MF Operator Training & Inspection 701-328-5209
Schafer Jacob jrschafer@nd.gov MF Operator Training & Inspection 701-328-6375
Schmitt Bryan brschmitt@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5299
Seerup Josh jSeerup@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5257
Seibel Maggie MKSeibel@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5231
Stoppler Sharmaine sstopple@nd.gov MF Clean Water SRF 701-328-5238
Tillotson LeeAnn ltillots@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5293
Tokach-Duran Elizabeth etokachduran@nd.gov MF Clean Water SRF 701-328-5256
Trythall Mike mtrythal@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5269
Uhlman James jUhlman@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5163
Veach Nessa nveach@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-9111
Von Wahlde Joseph Joseph.VonWahlde@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5207
Wahl Evan emWahl@nd.gov MF Clean Water SRF 701-328-5278
Washek Sandra swashek@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5190
Wavra Greg gwavra@nd.gov MF Drinking Water 701-328-5224
Wellman Aaron adwellman@nd.gov MF Drinking Water SRF 701-328-5284
Wingerter Vance vance.wingerter@nd.gov MF Operator Training & Inspection 701-328-5175